Nationals a Toolbox of Goodies

I had a young man race Master Road Nationals a few weeks ago and he did not perform as well as he would have like to.  We have all been there before. Temperatures were hot.  Competitors were fast.  The course was much steeper than he had anticipated.  So, he didn’t do as well as he would have liked but he came away from Nationals with a toolbox of goodies.


oh! Goodness, it was hot. What can we do when the temperature soars?

Ice Sock – Several of the participants at Nationals used an ice sock. When the ice melts it will help to keep your core cool.  The warmer your core becomes the more fatigued you become. Note: The one thing that disturbs me about an ice sock is what happens if you go down and land on your back.  Ouch!

Freeze or partial freeze your water/sport drink the night before so you can have cool drinks throughout the event or race. A cool drink also helps to cool down the core.


Is a totally different creature. You are not racing a local bike race.  The best will show up.  I always tell my first timers (first time to attend a National Championship) you will be overwhelmed by the talent and the number of participants. The first year (and every year) you go enjoy yourself but do not have any expectations.  You may be a big fish in your little pond at home but when you get to Nationals you will be a little fish in a very big pond.

The course –

The course should always be driven or ridden – the unknown is not a good thing.  This applies to all races, know the course, know the corners, the ups and downs and the type of road surface.

Check out What are you thinking?


He had fun and was happy to have participated in the race. Good attitude!  The next time he will know what to expect and will be better prepared.

Happy Times!!!

This past weekend he competed again and used some of the information he learned from Nationals.  The water bottles were partially frozen to help keep his core cool.  The course  – he knew where the corners were and how to approach the finish line. His expectations – was to have fun.  He also learned he could push himself a bit more than he thought he could.    He won his sprint and placed third (there were two racers off the front)!  I received a podium picture with a very happy racer who had a huge smile!  Note:  he also requested more of the “little” intervals since he felt they made a difference.

The little intervals or pyramid of intervals –

20 seconds on /20 seconds off

30 seconds on / 30 seconds off

40 seconds on /40 seconds off

1 minute on / 1 minutes off

40 seconds on /40 seconds off

30 seconds on / 30 seconds off

20 seconds on / 20 seconds off

Ride for about 10 minutes easy