Podium Tip – Rollers

I have been reading articles from the UK regarding training. Interested tidbit – rollers are better for you to train on during the winter months vs. a trainer. It makes sense, you would be engaging your core, working on your balance, working on your spin, your grip on the handlebars, your confidence plus good for sprint work.

Jamie Staff, 2008 Gold medalist in the Team Sprint, told me that when he was training for the Olympics he would draw two lines on the front roller to remind himself where his front wheel should stay. He then worked on getting his cadence up to over 200 rpm still keeping his front wheel between the two lines. If you have ever ridden rollers you will understand it takes talent to keep the wheel between two lines. Lots of concentration and easy on the handlebars!

There are races that stay with you since we are talking about rollers, I remember when Giddeon Massie and Michael Blatchford were competing in Colorado Springs, it was one of the qualifying races for the 2008 Olympics. They were racing match sprints. They both came around corner 4 sprinting for the finish line at about 50 mph and their lines were perfectly straight – no weaving. They could have painted the lines on the track with their tires. It was beautiful and required many hours on the rollers!

Most racers think rollers are just for track racers, not true. Roadies would benefit from the core work, the ability to hold their line, and sprint work. Criterium racers – sprinting out the corners without weaving. Grand Fondo folks would benefit from the cadence work, smooth spin. It doesn’t matter what your event is, rollers would be a huge asset to your training.

A good roller workout:
warm up well for 10 to 20 minutes
Push your speed up to about 15
hold this speed for 1 minute then build your sprint for 20 seconds, hold your sprint speed for 20 seconds, recover for 20 seconds then repeat (1-minute interval) x 4 = 4 minute.