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A Plan, Hardwork & Consistency

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For athletes who want to excel in cycling.

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My passion is helping people of all ages and ability levels to achieve their cycling goals

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I have worked with Lori for the better part of 1.5 years and have found it a great investment in terms of time and results – John

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After Nationals

Nationals a Toolbox of Goodies

I had a young man race Master Road Nationals a few weeks ago and he did not perform as well as he would have like to.  We have all been...

What are you thinking

What Are You Thinking?

A cyclist rolls up to the start line. The racer looks at the other competitors and starts thinking, “These folks are much better than I am” or “I am not...

jumping off the front

Confidence – Lose to Learn

When I was coaching at the track I had two favorite stories I would tell the juniors. I don’t know if they actually got it, but both stories are about...


When I organized the Talent ID Camps for USAC I always included a USDA portion to inform athletes of the dangers of taking supplements or drugs. At National events and...